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Monday, 8 June 2015


Friendship is a powerful thing,
sometimes it is good,
sometimes it can be bad,
people can get hurt in friendship,
but some survive it!!
By M.M.R.Hurley
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This photo is from

The wedding photo

It sits over in the old wooden photo frame covered in dust waiting for the Man to come home.
The lady in the photo sits in the old wooden rocking chair in the front window waiting for him as well.
Every day she turns her head and looks at that old photo covered in dust and tears start to run down her face.
One day the phone rang and she picked up the phone, then she dropped it on the ground then all of a sudden she dropped to her hands and knees  and started crying for him she stayed like that for a long time and she wouldn't move from that spot.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Bombing

The Bombing
stop all the bombing
stop all the war
C                                Em
and stop everything and think  
of justice
G                                            D
some people have a house but not a home.
C                                        Em
some people have hopes but not dreams and

stop the bombing
stop the war
and stop everything and think

of justice

G                                D
some people love and they care for you
C                               Em
some people want you to be loved
so stop the bombing
stop the war

and stop everything and think
of justice

so stop the bombing
stop the war
and stop everything and think
of justice

This song was made of Chartas
These people wrote this song: Tess, Hannah, Abigail and Mekeisha.

WW1 Animal’s!!!

    WW1 Animal’s!!!!
       What animals went to WW1???
Fox cub’s
Glow Worm’s

This is a war dog that went to WW1 and fought for his life      


A man and his horse bonding to make his connection stronger so they understand each other.

This is a man and his Pigeon waiting to send a note to 

the people in the trenches to tell them where the allies 
are.  This is a fox cub and he was a mascot for the NO.35 Air Squadron

 This is Togo the cat and he was the mascot for battleship HMS
By: Mekeisha Hurley

The Beast and me!!

As I slammed the old rusty farm house door I caught a glimpses of something, I didn't know what it was but it was getting closer and closer...
I screamed and ran for the old seller, but it was too late, the beast had grabbed me…
By Mekeisha

Big ANIMALS(lions and animals like that)!!!

Big ANIMALS(lions and animals like that)!!!

Captivity, would you like to live in Captivity with no space to run, jump and play. Well all the big ANIMALS that live in the Zoo’s or at home’s in this world don’t have the space to do that. Would you like to live like this…   

Well i don’t think that the animals should not have to live in small cages. we don’t(talking about the people in the class) have to live in a small space like them. people think that keeping them in small spaces can reduce risks of people getting hurt. When you keep animals in cages and you let them out they will most likely hurt you and rip you to shreds unless they have had contact with humans!!!  

Releasing them into the wild…
Did you ever think about releasing them into the wild if they have lived in Captivity for part of their life and then you let them into the wild they will not know how to fend for themselves and they will die because they have relied on humans to provide food for them…

Making animal dance or do what you want to is not Fun for them they want to be out running around and doing what they would normally do. The people that train the animals don’t like it when they don’t listen to what they say they would be hit with whips and they would  also ultracut  them to.  

By Mekeisha Mary - Rose Hurley   

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

My Netball game...

On the Saturday the 25th of August Trish, Siva, Tannah and i all played Netball for St Keven's at 2:00 at the Oamaru Netball courts.
We played against W.G.H.S and we won the game 31/10 to us. We were so proud of our selves because it was our frist Netball game we were so happy..... we play again on saturday at 1:00...

Pleas leave me a comment on my blog
By Mekeish Hurley

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The Bridge to Terabithia By Mekeisha Hurley

The Bridge to Terabithia
Chapter 1!!!
Jess (the main character) would slip out of bed in the morning to go out to a paddock to do running because he wanted to be the fastest runner in the whole 5th grade and 6th grade. His life is so different to ours because we have sneakers, shorts and a t-shirt to run in, but he runs in old overalls and barefeet. His Mum and Dad are so strict and they don’t like it when the kids do something wrong or are naughty they would get a slap with a belt of a smack around the ear.
I really liked Chapter one because it made me think about the life that I have compared to the life that they have and it makes me think that I am very lucky to have the life that I have. 

Thursday, 23 April 2015

The War story......

As mom and i are standing there Dad gets lines to go and fight in WW1, i don’t want him to go i am so scared that he will never come back. I look into Mom’s eyes i can see her eyes starting to swell up with tears i don’t like to see Mom upset, then i look over to Dad he looks back at me i can see the tears running down his face.
I let go of Mom's hand and run to Dad i give him a massive hug. I started to feel the the trickle of tears running down my face, i loved him i did not ever want to let him go because i did not know if he would come back or not. “Dad don’t go” i cried then he said “I promise i will come back i love you and your Mom forever”. I grabbed Dad  as tight as i could and i would not let him go. Mom came over to get me she gave Dad a Kiss for good luck and said”Come back we will need you and we will miss you so”. We waited for the soldier’s get on the Trains then we watched them leave the station. From 1914-18 we waited for him to come home then one day we were eating tea and then we heard the door open and slam we went to have a look it was Dad, Mom ran and gave him a massive hug and kiss then i gave him a hug he said to me “wow you have gotten so big son i have missed you so much”. From that day on we lived happy ever after.
By Mekeisha Hurley.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Mekeisha and Abigail's Do's and Don't's

Do-stand tall for your self and others.
Don't-bully others.
Do-be kind to people that are older than you.
Don't-talk in church.
Don't-hurt others.
Do-Be good in the public eye.
Do-listen to people that are older than you.
Don't-be silly round little kids.
Don't -disrespect yourself and others.
Do- help everyone even if they aren't your best friend.
Don't- be silly in prayer time and church.
Do- be kind to everyone .
Don't- put yourself or others down.
Don't - think your opinion doesn't matter.
Do- believe in yourself and others.
Do- open doors for people who are older than nice.
Don’t- swear in school
By Abigail and Mekeisha :)

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

using personification and show not tell

The Little Lost Robot…

When the little discarded Robot  was walking through the forest he heard something that went click, click, click and another click. He was very interested and wanted to know what it was, he got to the place where the sound was coming from then saw that it was a train and so he hopped on it and he fell asleep. When he woke up he heard a loud noise and the train had stopped he hopped off the train and he just about got run over, he was so scared he looked over his shoulder and then he remembered his home the forest so he started walking home and he got there in the end and he never left again...

By Mekeisha Hurley

In this story my GOAL  was to use
personification and to use show not tell and please let me know if i have used these things

Sunday, 15 March 2015

We are not wasted space…..

We are not wasted space…..

We all live in a big world and not all of us are seen don’t let the little people be discarded or be put down. Just because we are not big and tall like you doesn't mean that we are not invisible.
You and me are all the same we all live in the same world we have the same God.
The little people that live in our world are not wasted space they were put there for a reason, a simple reason to help and to love others and to spread the word of God. By Mekeisha Hurley